The Basics Guide² (For Real New Players)

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The Basics Guide² (For Real New Players)

Post  RainbowRifle on Wed May 16, 2012 7:07 am

----------------------------------------NaoSawr's Basicz Guide-------------------------------------------

NaoSawr here, again.
I'm gonna teach you to properly get to know all the buttons on the first interface and not have to annoy the pro's and get called names.~

---------------------------------------------Basic Knowledge----------------------------------------------

Once you've entered the game, there'll be a few things you'll see on the screen.

This is the Inventory Button.
Here you can go to your Inventory and adjust your equipment with your bought items, along by access to your Storage.

This is The Shop Button.
Here you can go to The Shop, Which contains a full array of weaponry, stylish clothing, items and more!

This is The Channel Button.
This button makes a small window open that contains all channels in the game... Private,General,Clan. Go to the channel with the most people and play!~

This shows your Character.
Your name, Clan, Exp, Level , HP total, AP total and Weight, is what this shows.

These two buttons are the Character List and Logout button.
The Character List button makes you obviously go back to your Characters
The Logout button takes you out of the server for you to pick a new server or get off the game.~

This is the Lobby.
The Left box shows the chat box where everyone speaks.
The Right box shows everyone playing, In Room and In Lobby, While containing Friends and Clan tab, to reveal your friends and Clan Members Playing. (L= lobby, G = In Game Room, P= Playing)

This is the Options Button.
This has everything you can do to the game from Optimizing it to Low-ending it for speed, aslong as Keyboard control configuration.
Macro's and other things, Get the best Configuration for yourselves!~

These 3 buttons are the Room Join button, Room Create button and PLAY NOW button.
The rooms are listed above these buttons in the big box, Click one and press Join or Double Click to join a room.
The Room Create button obviously lets you make yourselves a room, password it if needed and so on.
The Play Now Button picks a random room for you to play in if you just like playing directly.


This concludes all the buttons and things on the game interface.~ Hope it helps to get you new people going.~~

Note: HP means HealthPoints , AP means ArmourPoints.
For people who wanted to know.~


NaoSawr~ lol!

Challenge me, and you'll be cut.~

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