The Basics Guide ( For Real New People )

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The Basics Guide ( For Real New People ) Empty The Basics Guide ( For Real New People )

Post  RainbowRifle on Tue May 15, 2012 12:04 pm

Hello And Welcome to NaoSawr's Complete Basics Guide For Newbies as myselves


I'll explain most basics stuff to make you enjoy and be a bit better than the many people who can decimate you in 10 seconds.

First of all, I'll explain some of the controls on this game, before deepening out in some basic movements to use in combat.

-------------------------------------------Default Controls-----------------------------------------------

--W |-------\ The basic movements as Up ( Double pushing Any in Ranged mode, shall let you tumble)
A S D |-------/ ------------------> Left Down Right ( Double pushing Any in Melee mode, shall let you Dash)

'1' ----> (not numpad) is the melee weapon.
'2' ----> Primary Weapon ( Mouse Scrolling also works to switch between these 3~5 )
'3' ----> Secondary Weapon ( E and Q button also works to switch between these 3~5 )
'4' ----> (Item 1 If any) |----\ I'm not sure on this part.
'5' ----> (Item 2 if any) |----/

'6~0' are different taunts to use .... Bow, Laugh, Cry, Wave , Taunt are these five Taunts.

Shift ----> is used To Defend (With Your Melee Weapon.) [Not possible with Guns]

Left Click ----> The most obvious part, Shooting...Slashing
Right Click ----> Secondary Firing,''Flipping''... If hit, the person get thrown up and can disable you. (Melee Weapon Required )

Space ----> Jump Button, ( also used to counter Secondary Fire ''Flipping'' while airborne


There are a few things you can do, instead of Mouse-Mashing or Spraying a gun around to hope to kill something as a newcomer.

If you see a wall, infront of you and some enemy is up there, you can do a specific combo to climb this wall. (Noob version)

Wall Climbing
Dash > Slash > Jump > Dash > Slash > Jump > Repeat (With this mastered, you can climb walls and open more doors for combinations)

Slash Shot(Gives some advantage in evading since Dashing > Tumbling )
Jump >Dash > Slash > Hold > Switch (To gun) > Switch back as soon as you shot.> Repeat
(If you kept holding the button after slashing, You'll shoot when switched, you can repeat this and be a bit harder to hit.)

Reload Shot(Used to shoot things in rapid succession slightly avoid the Delay part on the guns.)
Shoot > Reload > Switch > Shoot > Reload > Switch > Repeat
(You should be able to shoot like a machinegun with Shotguns or Revolvers once mastered.)
Note:This doesn't actually reload your guns.

Butterfly (BF)(Can be used in many ways and is used FOR Slash Shot )
Jump > Slash > Defend (Is the basic BF and first step to learn this easily)
Jump > Dash > Slash > Defend ( Is the next step and the semi-final step before mastering this)
Jump > Dash > Slash > Defend > REPEAT (Will highly boast evasive, Block possibility and possibly hurt the enemy if closeby)

Those are some BASIC things to know and should help to not get beaten in 10 seconds by real bad-ass players.

There is also one thing you could use well but is a combination of those above combinations

Reload Slash Shot (RSS)
Jump > Dash > Slash > Hold > Switch > Reload > (keep holding) > Switch > Reload > Repeat
(You should be able to use the benefits of Slash Shot and Reload Shot because of this.)

----------------------------------------Last Words To End This Basic Guide --------------------------------

This concludes my little help guide, there may be some errors in this, since i am no master aswell if this can motivate you.

I hope it helps you to become better at this game and not get yelled at anymore for noob and pay back those people~



Challenge me, and you'll be cut.~The Basics Guide ( For Real New People ) 2576

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